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I've read the description several times but I still don't get it. It says that every 4 EVs of a stat will increase the stat by 1 point but I've give a genius wing 4 times to my Tynamo but it's Special Atk didn't increase.
Am I doing something wrong to increase stats?

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What level is your Tynamo? The effectiveness of EVs depends on the level, and 4 EVs increase a stat by 1 point only if the Pokemon is level 100.
My Tynamo is at level 32.

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4 EVs increases the Pokémon's stat by one point at level 100. At lower levels, the effects of EVs are compressed, so the lower you Pokémon's level, the more EVs you need in order to make a difference. A low-level Pokémon with a lot of EVs will gain more stat points when it levels up, although the game won't point it out to you, so you might not notice.

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Some quick additions:
- The amount of EVs needed to make one stat point is equal to 400 divided by the Pokemon's level (excluding rounding).
- If the Pokemon already has EVs, then the process of using wings might feel a bit strange. (For example, if you had 18 EVs on a level 100, then you only need two more wings to reach the next multiple of four.)
Ok, thanks so much!
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