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Is oras still played competitively these days? I dont wanna buy the gen 7 games if oras is still played because I'm too lazy to understand the new mechanics of the game, specifically the z moves.

A better reason to avoid buying Gen 7 is that Gen 8 releases in under a month.
I dont wanna buy gen 8 yet. I wanna make sure if I would enjoy the new pokemons it has to offer before I buy. Besides I'm still saving up to buy the nintendo switch

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ORAS OU apparently got 13849 battles last month on the main Showdown! server. This is less than many of the current generation formats but still a significant amount. For example, it's about...
7 times less popular than BSS.
13 times less popular than DOU.
3 times less popular than LC.
5 times less popular than NU.
7 times less popular than PU.
Unfortunately, all ORAS formats other than OU, such as BS and VGC, are not popular enough to have permanent ladders on Showdown!.

i believe they are talking about the cartridge
OU is a tier of pokemon right? The ones who are powerful but not powerful enough to be broken like the Legendaries? And does this also mean that if I have an ou pokemon like Garchomp, I can use pokemon from the lower tiers?
@stall If it's not a permanent Showdown! ladder, then I'm pretty sure that means it's not popular on cartridge. Also if the Savitar person has a cartridge, why can't he/she/it just test it him/her/itself?
@Savitar FAQ about tiers in general: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/tiering-faq.3644714/
List of rules in ORAS OU: https://www.smogon.com/dex/xy/formats/ou/
Tiering policy you can read if you already clicked those 2 links and are still not satisfied: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/tiering-policy-framework.3628026/
@sumwun thanks for the links. And I dont have the cartridge yet which is why I asked my original question if people still play oras since I'm too lazy to understand the gen 7 games. If people still play oras then I'm not gonna buy a gen 7 game but if people dont anymore then I will get both oras and a gen 7. I dont wanna get both unless I really have to
Do you still want to know how many people use cartridges to battle? I can hide this answer if you don't like it.
Nahh. You already helped me with my questions. Thanks for the answers.