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The QR code reader for my Ultra sun game keeps telling me that I cant scan any QR patterns because I do not have any scans remaining, even though I have not played for a longer period of time. I have been messing around with my 3ds time to set it to Sunday (I wanted to find a Ralts), and then tried to fix it on my own by messing the time some more but I have a feeling that I made it even worse... Please help if U can.

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Have you already used every code?

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Your game can tell when you've messing with your 3DS time. Maybe if you set it to the correct date and wait until the next day, it might work. But I'm not sure on that. Continue playing the game for a little while and it should work again. Just make sure you dont try to mess with the time/date again

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This is correct. Don't touch your time settings again if you can help it. Every time you do, time-based events become disabled for the next 24 hours to prevent abuse of the system.
I don’t think this has an effect. I changed my 3Ds time to get the driftloon in Pokémon Pearl the other day and it worked fine.
The game knowing when you messed with the time and locking up events became a thing in either X/Y or ORAS. It didn't exist in Pearl.
Oh. Wait a sec. does that mean the hidden ability Pokémon in B/W2 can...
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