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If you got the pass from the event, but caught the Victini now, would it count as legal? As in, I got the pass from the event but only decided to use it now.

Just wondering because PKHeX says no but Pksm says yes.

Note that I have asked a similar question before, but I’m just focused on, if you have the item years after the event is over, and use it then, does the Pokémon count as legal? Also if you could answer for basically any other mythical that can be found by having a specific item.


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As long as you got the item legitimately then yes, the Victini would also be legit.

So if I hacked the item to be legit, but caught the Victini yesterday, it would be legit?
And wut about other items?
That's a lot like using a hacked Pokemon to breed, and if the offspring is considered legit. Whether or not it is, is largely a matter of opinion. But just the fact that you obtained the Victini outside of the date when it was officially available would probably turn people off from considering it 100% legit.
Could you not simply hold on to the Liberty Pass and then use it in-game years later? People would have their suspicions, but I think it’s possible to have a legit B/W Victini with a 2019 encounter date.
Or he could just change the date his 3DS/2DS.
Ah, clever. But again, whether or not it's 100% legit is largely a matter of opinion.
But people can't have opinions if they never knew it was gotten "illegally" to begin with.
But say I caught the B/W Victini yesterday, would that not raise suspicion that it could be illegal?
Yeah, it would -- unless you changed the date to when it was an official event then caught it, nobody would know. But if you caught it with a recent date, they'd know that it wasn't legit (depending on your opinion on legit).
Some people would be okay that you hacked the pass but not the Pokemon, as they only consider hacked 'mons to be "illegal". Others prefer that you get it 100% honestly. It just depends. But if it's fine with you and you're not trading it or anything, then whatever you want goes.
FlappersFlappers the question is more of a, if you got the item legally but held onto it until the event has passed (for a couple of years), would it still be legal.