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I just made an account called G-Orca, and so far have only played 2 VGC 19 Ultra series games. However if you look here: https://pokemonshowdown.com/users/gorca, I have a GXE and ELO in AG when I have never played

TBH I think it is very annoying that I have that big rectangle right there and just wanna get it out of the way

Does your new account have a password :P?
Yes. I registered it yesterday
Idk what it could be then. Unless someone had the idea to use that name too before you registered it maybe. Or someone battled with that name before you thought of it but they didn't keep or register it?
You want to report this on Smogon? People who really know how Showdown! works are much more likely to see this if you post on Smogon.

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The account was probably used unregistered in the past, which is allowed.


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