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A while back I had a Klefki and another Pokémon in the breeding center in Pokémon moon and they bred a fomantis even though the other Pokémon wasn’t fomantis or lurantis. What does this mean

Wow...sounds like a glitch to me, or maybe a mistake on your end? What was the other Pokemon parent?
It sounds like a glitch. What was the other Pokemon? I might be able to help more with that info.
Why are you answering if you need more info?
You might have gotten a Fomantis egg from breeding earlier, and you put Klefki in the breeding place before you took the Fomantis egg.
I’m pretty sure in USM, you can’t take out Pokémon while you have an egg in the daycare. Not sure for SM, though. :P

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this is probably a glitch. I'm unsure how to help you to fix it, so you might just want to buy a new game. However, I'm unsure, so try again and see if you get the same thing. Also, please inform me of the other parent Pokemon