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It's definitely a different formula from Z-Moves, since some attacks (like Close Combat) actually get less power when becoming a Max move.

I think that max Poison and Fighting moves use a separate less Power formula since they boost Attack and Special Attack, to make them less OP. Think of a 150 power Power-Up Punch. :P

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The conversion chart for a regular moves base power to its Max-equivalents base power can be found here. Like Staka mentioned, there is one formula used for Max Knuckle and Max Ooze that gives them a decreased power, and another formula used for the other 16 types of Max moves. It's also worth noting that this table is only a general rule for moves with a standard base power, and doesn't include multi-hit moves, moves with set damage, or moves that vary in power, as those are determined on a case-by-case basis.

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