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I have a full iv full ev trained jolly cinderace for my pvp team. And I came to the website to compare them and the max speed on this website says 370 but mine has 337 am I wrong or the website.

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You re-posted this question. I kept this most recent one, as I assume this is what people want. In any case, you can access the first post here: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/331036/
do you have max ivs?
Are you using the IV judge or its characteristic to determine that it has max IVs? Because the characteristic can sometimes be unreliable.
I was using the iv judge

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370 Should be Cinderace’s max Speed at level 100. :P

337 is the amount of Speed a Cinderace with 252 Spe EVs, a speed IV of 31, and a neutral nature would have. :P

Either your Cinderace isn’t Jolly or you’ve used a Mint to change its Nature, which may still show up as Jolly, but not be so by stat calculation. :P
There is also the possibility that Cinderace didn’t have Jolly and you thought you gave it a Jolly mint, but didn’t, but that is similar to the above

Either way, the solution is to use a Jolly Mint on Cinderace.
If this doesn’t work, and Cinderace really has a Jolly nature being reflected by the stat calc, then by some way less likely odds, you have 132-135 Speed EVs. :P

Source: Mints, I used Pokemon Showdown!’s Teambuilder to do Math :P

Hope I Helped

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Yea I had originally used a mint and it acted as if it had been used but it really didn't change anything. So thanks for the help.