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So,I am Playing Pokemon Heart Gold,I got 5 Badges and my team is a Lv37 Typhlosion,lv37 Golbat,lv37 Lanturn,Lv 36 Gengar,Lv 36 Dragonair and a Lv36 Sudowoodo wich I want to change,I Want a Very Powerful Pokemon to substitute Sudowoodo and End my team,What Pokemon should I choose to substitute Sudowoodo?

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I think you should use Golem. It learns earthquake pretty early, and its stats are better than Sudowoodo's.
Hard to obtain, unless this person has a friend who still plays Gen 4.
The question said he/she/it already has a Gengar, so I thought Golem would be obtainable.
Huh. I'm blind, you're right, carry on.
Golem has low special defense and speed every special attacks will do a good damage and it might not attack first

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I'd recommend Mamoswine. It's an Ice/Ground type, so it may be able to learn moves that you wanted for your Sudowoodo.

You can catch a Swinub in Ice Path, evolve it to Piloswine at level 33, and then it'll evolve into Mamoswine once it learns ancient power and levels up (you can get ancient power on Mamoswine by talking to the Move Tutor in Blackthorn, once you trade him a heartscale, which can be found by smashing rocks in Cianwood, or as a held item by wild Luvdiscs).

Mamoswine is a great Pokemon, has better attack and HP than Sudowoodo, and its defense isn't too bad either. It's a great counter to all the dragon types you'll be facing for the next part of the game.