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Me along with my friends planned a tourney among us on showdown and rules are
- All of your Pokemon must share the same primary color. For instance, Sylveon's primary color is white whilst Espeon's is purplish-pink (Meaning its allowed in both).
- Shinies factor for their own color, so shiny Espeon would be in the green team.
- Megas factored based on their mega color, not on base (So Mega Charizard X is in black team)
- Toxic is allowed, but only on 1 Pokemon on ur team.
- Sleep Clause is in effect, so unless a Pokemon is put to sleep by it's own means or via effort spore. Then you can only put 1 Pokemon to sleep with moves like spore or sleep powder.
- Species Clause, only 1 of each species available. 1 Eevee per team, so no Shiny Jolteon + Leafeon teams.
- Evasion Clause: No minimize or sand attack
- Set up is allowed, but only to x2 (So you can only swords dance or Nasty Plot once)
- Baton Pass and Belly Drum is banned
- All Pokemon must be nicknamed based on their team color. For example, red would include names like Scarlet, Akane (It means red sky for those unaware) and such.
- Moxie + Dragon Dance sets are banned, but individually they are allowed

Banned Pokemon: Chansey, Shaymin-Sky (Land forme is allowed), Hydreigon, Ash-Greninja (Regular is allowed), Landorus, Cresselia, Mega Gyarados, Minior, Lickilicky, Darmanitan (Zen-Mode is allowed), Mega Diancie (Regular is allowed)
Mention: Volcarona is allowed, but spamming quiver dance is banned. No more than twice. Plus no fiery dance + quiver dance sets.

Normally, we don't allow questions that ask for entire teams outright. However, given how thorough this is, I'm going to allow it once to see how it goes.
Possible issues with this thread include the subjectivity of what colour a Pokemon is, and the extensive rules list which does not align with any common battle format.
Is this for USUM or some other generation?

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