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I understand why Fairy resists Fighting and Dark, for both the reasons Fairy is good against those two;

Fairy>Fighting = Physical moves are useless against magical beings, especially when the magical being can just cast a spell on you.
Fairy>Dark = Fairies are kind-hearted, and Dark is nasty, and kind-hearted dominates over nastiness.

But I don't understand why Fairy resists Bug.

Game Freak logic

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It might be because bugs are generally thought of as small and insignificant, and as such will not be able to harm powerful Fairy-types. But overall, Game Freak Logic.

Hope I helped!

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When it comes to both bugs and Fairies, some fairies in folklore symbolizes through plants, nature and other animals. I think with both fairy and bugs do share a common relationship with each other really.

And not to mentioned that there are fairies that can shapeshift into insects themselves.

This is just me thinking off the top of my head, but this is what I looked up so far really.