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How do I get the starters' hidden abillities in SwSh? I'am really confused on this subject.


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The Hidden Ability starters have now been released as a Mystery Gift on Pokemon HOME. To get more, breed them in the hopes of getting another HA, or hope you get lucky with a trade. You can also apply an Ability Patch to change a starter with a regular Ability to one with its Hidden Ability.

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At present you can't get the Hidden Abilities for Grookie, Scorbunny, and Sobble.

As is the norm for a new generation, some of the Hidden Abilities are not available through normal play, and must be received through event distribution. This is particularly true of the local region starters. Once they have been distributed, however, those who have them will likely start breeding them to get competitive tier IVs, with correct Nature, and Egg Moves where applicable. This generally creates breedjects, some of which will have the Hidden Ability, which most people "dispose" of through Wonder Trade (Surprise Trade? Not sure why it was renamed...).

This is accurate. Just wanted to spread that word that you should avoid using Surprise Trade for the time being, until the Y-Comm crash bug is fixed. https://twitter.com/Kaphotics/status/1227506075714240514
This likely won't be a problem by the time starter HAs are released, but I'll leave this here just in case it is.
i am 98% sure these pokemon have not been distibuted yet in a HoopsAndHiphop YouTube video he had footage of a Cinderace with it's hidden ability, Libero. Not making this up as a prank.
probably obtained through illegitimate means