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I was wondering because additional attack on Dragapult would be super useful, but it’s base defence makes it almost unusable already.

What do you want to use it for?
Competitive battling.
I mean, nature mints exist. Or you could just breed it down with a better nature.
I forgot those mints. I’m about a quarter into the game I think, just got to the Wild area. How long till mints become available?
The mints are postgame exclusive
Nature mints aside, Lonely isn't the worst nature you could use on Dragapult. It's format-dependent and uncommon regardless, but some people do run a mixed offensive Dragapult moveset. It's usually done with Naive, though.
I'd just breed it for better Nature.  Though, to an extent, that would depend on whether it's male or female.  If it's male, you're pretty hosed until you can get a Ditto, which are of too high a level for you to catch until after you beat the first 3 gyms.  You'd also need the water upgrade for the Rotom-Bike to reach the correct part of the Wild Area, outside of Rare raids in that one Den.

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KRLW pretty much already answered this question. Just use mints to ignore the nature.

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