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My SoulSilver keeps freezing up. It only just started happening today (March 3rd, 2020) and its frozen three times:

  • after beating School Kid Alan on Route 36 (near the Suduwoodo)

  • when the Bug Contest joiner guy started saying something

  • nicknaming a caught Beedrill (YaLikeJaz?) for the Bug Catching Contest

NOTE: This all happened on my New 3DS XL, as my DSi XL wasn't charged.

The first time happened ~3:30pm on the bus home from School.
Second time and third happened around 7:00pm.

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Hmm. I remember my official HeartGold card that my mom bought me from WalMart back in 2010 being black in color like B/W, but I lost that card years ago. You're telling us it was the same grey as your Sinnoh games (D/P/Pt)? I wonder if that's a problem.
The Sinnoh games and BW were different colors, however BW was Gen 5 whereas HGSS was Gen 4

Honestly the best thing to do if your not sure is get some emulating-support CFW for your 3DSXL, as there are some custom firmwares that can fix this one way or another.
yes, it was the same color as my Sinnoh games.

what do you mean by emulating support CFW?
If the mods allow me to give that answer I’ll be surprised. However, it’s almost guaranteed to fix your problem.
We simply don't allow you to recommend to other people that they hack their console to fix their problem. You wouldn't be in this position had you not done that in the first place.
Go ahead and answer their question this one time, if you want.

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This happened to me when I bought SS two times. My advice is talk to Nintendo company and they probably give you another one. When your mother bought the game, their phone number is back on the cartridge box or go to Nintendo website.

my mom didn't buy the game i did

yur thinking of Mega?
also the game is 10 years old its unlikely they just HAVE some lying around to give away