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Just wondering.

I believe any, because it’s available in a wild encounter. Of course, not safari ball or sport ball, because you can’t get those in swsh
So it a beast ball Antique Shiny Sinistea Possible?
Yesss, you can get a beast ball, you can get a shiny antique sinistea, so I would think so

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As far as I am aware, the only Ball that would be illegal for Sinistea would be a Cherish Ball, since there have been no distributions of special Sinistea. Other Balls can be breed down, but Cherish cannot.

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Also Sport Ball.
Isn't it true that only a Polteageist or another Sinistea can pass a Poke ball to a Sinistea? So if a ball is unobtainable in Gen 8 (such as the sport ball), then you can never get a Sinistea in that ball, even if you transfer other Pokemon in that ball from Home? Are you sure cherish ball and sport ball are the only ones unobtainable in Gen 8?
The safari and park balls are also unobtainable in swsh
Yeah, only Pokémon of the same species can pass pokeballs down through breeding, so Sinistea is illegal in Sport, Safari, Cherish, and Park Balls. Every other Pokéball is legal.