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I wanna know what I’m in for square shiny hunting this.

Beast ball is 0.01% chance of capture on non-ultra beasts. Shinies are 1/406pm 96. Not sure about square shinies but they are pointless. Do the maths
No, the multiplier is 0.1 times, or 10%. The chance of capture depends on a lot of other things, like species and HP. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Beast_Ball
It's the lowest odds of any capture in Pokemon history.
are there beast balls in SW/SH?
Just asking because I found a square shiny Antique Sinistea (I think square shiny might be like 1/16) and caught it with my last 20 beast balls (after throwing almost everything else I had at it).
Shinies have a 15/16 chance of having square sparkles if encountered in the wild. Squares are more common in the wild, while stars are more common with eggs.
How do you have 20 beast balls?
> There was a beast ball event before 1/15. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_other_event_distributions_in_Generation_VIII
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Yeah, but that was only one extra. Not 20
I have something called Nintendo online. It allows me to get more Beast Balls
Oh. I do too, but I didn't know you could get that many.
Yes. I trade. A lot

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Assuming I did the math correctly (I probably didn't), under optimal conditions (500+ KOs, Shiny Charm, target asleep at 1 HP, active Pokemon at or above target's level, and a complete Pokedex), you have approximately a 1/116000 chance of encountering a square shiny authentic Sinistea, and approximately a 21% chance of catching it in a Beast Ball.

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What equations are you using for the chance of catching it?
Don’t think they used the right one for a beast ball.
'target asleep at 1 HP' so probably he did it right for the beast ball
Ah I didn’t realize that 1HP Asleep gives that much of a catch rate increase.