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In the anime there is an episode where Sabrina shrinks Ash, exactly how small does she shrink him, as in 1 inch 2.3 inches what size exactly does he become(just Ash, not Brock or Misty)? I've seen things that says he is shrunk, but the closest to a specific size is doll size, which doesn't help since dolls come in different sizes.

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Who cares?
I do. I am trying to write a pokemon fanfiction and I need to know for part of it that i am trying to use exact measurements in
It's not lik your fanriction will fail just because you don't have the exact measurements.
I know, but I would still like to know

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If we use ball-joint dolls as an example, then the bigger ones are 60 cm (24 inches) and the smaller ones are 40 cm (15.5 inches). So maybe pick somewhere between those and you should be fine.

That seems a bit too big, judging from the size difference between the sabrina doll, which I would think is the big one you mentioned at 24 inches, and the size of Ash when shrunk by sabrina