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So I have basically spent hours on end trying to catch a shiny Bagon in Pokemon Sun, and I haven't gotten anywhere. I am currently using an Absol with Pressure and False Swipe, should I be using other Pokemon or moves?

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I don't think it matters what pokemon you use. Iirc, the chance of encountering a shiny pokemon is about one in four thousand without the shiny charm. That means you just have to keep killing Bagons until a shiny one appears
It might be beneficial to use a Pokemon that doesn't have Pressure, as it increases PP usage for moves that target it, but I don't think it should matter that much, as it's more than likely that a new Pokemon will be called before one ends up KOing itself because of Struggle.
another two that I'll add on from the other answers is Pangoro and Gallade
Pangoro has access to Scrappy False Swipe so it can help with shiny ghost hunts if you catch a pancham/pangoro with a hidden ability
and Gallade has access to Thunder Wave/Hypnosis, False Swipe, and Swords Dance for high level Pokemon that aren't taken down by False Swipe easily.

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Breloom and Parasect are the only Pokemon who learns spore and false swipe. Breloom is obviously better.

Spore will always hit (assuming no evasion raising or accuracy lowering shenanigans are in play). Sleep gives a higher catch bonus than poison, paralysis or burn so it's better for catching Pokemon. False swipe will lower them to 1hp. False swipe can never ko, so it's perfect for weakening Pokemon.

Foor your moveset, I'd recommend spore and false swipe (duh), as well as seed bomb and maybe rock tomb/slide for hitting non-shiny flying and fire types.

For a held item, run toxic orb. If you have the ability poison heal, you will gradually restore hp so you don't need to use your own stash of full restores. It also prevents breloom from getting statused.

Look out for Pokèmon with recoil moves and happy hunting!

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You are doing well so far and I think that is good but you might want to use an adrenaline orb as well. some times it may just take over 2000 tries ad that is ok.

Are you sure there's no Pokemon that's better than a false swipe Absol?
thank you so much!!!