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Not sure if this allowed. sorry if it isn't but I'm just really confused about what they are.

Wow just noticed them its like a stomach necklace LOL.
if i had to guess, it would be body jewelry.
but isnt all jewelry body jewelry?
no, body jewelry is referred to on the waist or near the stomach. idk what you mean by all jewelry, but you can search it up to see what i mean lol

i meant like, if its on your body...its body jewelry, right? but ok that makes sense and who am i to say
Sorry, this question is not useful, or interesting, and has no need, so I've flagged.
It's useful. I want to know myself.

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As it turns out, waist beads were very popular in Africa a few hundred years ago. It was used as a symbol of maturity and for cultural purposes as well. It could have also been used to maintain a woman's shape. Today, not many wear waist beads, but those who do, do so for beautification purposes. This makes perfect sense, as Nessa is a model, and also of African decent.

This isn't totally related to Pokémon, but interest was shown in the comments, so I thought I would answer.

All the information can be found here.


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Thanks lmao