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2v2 Ranked Battles, SWSH

Series 6 banlist is here and oh my am I happy to see so many rigged mons being banned!
However, teambuilding suddenly becomes more difficult, being unable to have a psychic terrain setter or a killer Rillaboom or a speedy Dragapult that spams dragon darts.
Whimsicott is suddenly banned and tailwind/beat up no longer becomes an option.
No more Togekiss too.

So my question is:
What will thrive this season?

More specifically: (Don't need to answer all of them)
1. Which Pokemon will sit on top? List a few good Sweepers in the new format, good support mons and bulky Pokemon.
2. Things will change as mons such as Tyranitar, Torkoal, Cinderace, Rillaboom, Togekiss and Whimsicott are taken down. How will this affect team styles such as Hail teams, sun teams, rain teams, trick room teams, hyper offense or sand teams? Which style of play will be the most dominant in this format?
3. No whimsicott which means Terrakion ultimately gets nerfed. Will Terrakion/Coballion still be used for their sheer attack/defense? How competitive will they be?
4. List some candidates that will replace the banned Pokemon. A running joke: Tsareena > Rillaboom.
5. What will be the new Intimidate pivots? No more Incineroar which means potential for Arcanine or Scrafty or Hitmontop to shine.
6. Urshifu is most likely going to be the new king. Single or Rapid? Please provide moveset and justification.
7. Prospects for the following Pokemon:
a) Goodra (Weakness Policy)+ Comfey? - Seen a lot of these on Showdown. Would it be an actual combo that we will see in ranked battles?
b) Rain teams? (Politoed + Kingdra) - No joke...
c) Lapras? (GMAX) - With gmax, attacks deal less damage which will be crucial for more frail Pokemon to tank a hit or two. No more Rillaboom means Lapras can become a large threat.
d) Arcanine? - Nice speed. However, its defenses are worrying. Can it possibly substitute Incineroar despite the fact that nearly everything super effective against it will OHKO?
e) Snorlax? - Massive bulk. Does it have any potential? Speed swap teams? Trick Room? Belly Drum?
f) Amoongus' usage - Has great access to spore and rage powder. What are its prospects in the new series? Will it be seemingly everywhere or only in specific teams, e.g. Trick Room/Rain.

Last but not least, could you please provide a few sample teams that will seemingly excel in the new format?

It's a lot of questions, but I feel like it will be extremely rewarding for the months to come!

You might want to wait about one month to watch other people use these Pokemon and see how much they win.
Rain will probably be dominant this season. Losing Torkoal, Tyranitar, and Hippowdon was a huge blow. Politoed is probably the best weather setter now. I don't really see anyone using a different mon, unless they want to use Ninetales or Gigalith or something lol. Arcanine loses to rain like you said, but it also has access to Will-O-Wisp, Snarl, etc. The lack of Fake Out is annoying, though. Nothing can really replace Incineroar tbh. Amoongus is probably going to be the main redirector this season. Clefairy is another option for redirection, but it doesn't have access to Spore. Goodra is slow, I think there's better WP users.

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Even though many Pokemon are banned you can still make trick room teams. Since Porygon2 and Mimikyu are gone, here are some suggestions on which Pokemon might thrive...

Reuniclus- You need Shield for this.
Hatterene- I suggest one with Magic Bounce

I hope these are helpful.

Why are you using Reuniclus or Oranguru instead of Indeedee?
Indeedee-F is banned
You don't need Shield to have Reuniclus. You can still have Reuniclus in Sword if you transfered it from another game.
Also, when you say "Porygon" you mean Porygon2 right? Because it's banned.