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I was recently link training and saw someone with a LV 1 Gengar.

I'm pretty sure all egg-hatched Pokémon are their lowest evolution (i.e. Gastly, not Gengar). I could be wrong since I'm no expert, but I was under the impression that you couldn't hatch a fully evolved Pokémon.
I'm pretty sure the Gengar is illegal. It has to be at least Level 25 to turn into Haunter, then traded to become Gengar. I could be wrong though¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Just fyi, you can always check Serebii to see the lowest level possible depending on the Pokeball the Pokemon is in.

This happened to me as well, but it was an egg that hatched into a gengar.
This is a very good question with a pretty hard answer. I had to replay pokemon Red to get an accurate answer.

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No, that is not possible. The lowest possible level for Gengar is 16. Unless there was some special event I dont know about, that Gengar is definently hacked.

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It's possible to catch a level 16 wild Gengar, but I don't think there are any lower levels. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Old_Chateau
This answer is fake and a complete lie seeing as how we are talking about gen 7.
Then sumwun, your source is off...
Why the flag?
I am clearing the flag. This answer isn't a 'lie' or whatever rhetoric you want to use. Of course it's possible to have a level 1 Gengar, for the same reason it's 'possible' to have an Arceus with 999 Attack. This answer is obviously referring to what is obtainable through legitimate means, and it is correct in suggesting that a level 1 Gengar isn't. If you still think it's inaccurate, then you're free to vote it down.
What's wrong with my source?
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In Sword and Shield you have the https://glitchcity.info/wiki/Party_item_offset_glitch which can be used to make a Pokemon evolve while it's still in an egg, but no analog to that exists in USUM.

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To answer about hatching level 1 Pokemon in USUM:

Yes, yes you can. For example you can hatch an evolved level 1 snorlax and really any other 2nd evolution Pokemon that needs incense to breed for the 1st stage evo.

Furthermore about the Gengar itself:
level 1 Gengar is very, very much possible in Pokemon sun, moon, ultra sun and ultra moon (while maybe frowned upon by certian people) but completely possible and legal.

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Can you explain how to legitimately obtain a level 1 Gengar?
Oh nice theres a post on it. I just figured that if the level 100 to 1 trick works on Nidoking I tried a bunch of different stuff and got a level 1 Gengar...so, while maybe not "legit" its going to be pretty common in USUM as the game has no legality problems with it.
(Also missing.no glitch getting a level 100+ gengar and leveling it once with a rare candy gives a level 1 Gengar).
I'd be careful describing a level 1 Gengar as 'completely legal'. I can assure that you wouldn't be allowed to use such a thing in an official tournament, purely because there is no way of getting it through normal gameplay.