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Using any of my stealing moves: Covet / Thief / Trick.

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I don't think so. However, wild meowth can hold nuggets so if you need money, they're perfect.
I experimented and just now i was able to steal black belts from Fighting Dojo in Saffron City.
The only good item in Gen 3 is the leftovers, which you can get by catching Snorlax.
If you were to use a move that steals the opponents item, it will be returned to it's rightful owner at the end of the battle. If you are in a wild Pokemon battle, you would be able to keep the item that was stolen.
but that's not what the person asked
@PokemonLover Before Gen 5, the player can permanently steal items from NPC trainers.
Whoops, my bad. Thanks for letting me know!

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On Route 15, Crush Kin Ron and Mya are holding blackbelts.