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I want to use close combat and overheat for Infernape, but both decrease stats. So should I still use them for infernape in platinum

Is this just for in-game?
Yes just in-game Pokemon platinum
You could always switch out to reset the stat drops

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I would keep Close Combat if I were you. Overheat can be replaced with Flare Blitz/Flamethrower. Of course, it really depends on the rest of your moveset. If all of your moves are physical, Overheat is fine. If the rest are special, I would replace it with Flare Blitz. Since its in-game, I wouldn't worry too much about recoil. I would still stick with Close Combat, its one of the best moves out there even though it lowers your defenses. I wouldn't use Overheat in any case, but if you want to use it, the set should preferably be physical.

Hope this helps! :)

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thank you for your answer, i will keep that in mind. the rest of my move set is: mach punch and flame wheel.
i don't want to use flare blitz because Infernape learns it at a very high level.
Ok then any other fire move could work (FLAMETHROWER) thanks for your consideration! also, a pointer, I would add a coverage move instead of Flame Wheel.
Overheat is good if all your other attacks are physical. If you have other special attacks, then I think fire blast and flare blitz are both better.
Yup that's what I said :P
Thanks and yes sumwun all the rest of my moves are physical