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I'm doing a Ruby (not Omega Ruby) playthrough. My current team is Blaziken, Gardevoir, Manectric, Crobat, and an HM slave Zigzagoon. I'm planning on getting rid of the Zigzagoon, and I need two Pokemon to take the two empty spots. Should I use Absol and Flygon, Flygon and Walrein, or Walrein and Absol?

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All three bring completely different things to the table.

Walrein is a bulky water, dealing a lot of damage with it's large special attack stat. It has a small movepool, but ice beam, surf, waterfall and body slam would be a good set.

Flygon is a fairy strong mixed attacker. It has a large movepool, with things like fly, strength, crunch and flamethrower, just to name a few .It also has an immunity to ground, because of levitate. Just slap on two stab moves, and mix and match the last slots with what you need.

Absol hits like a truck, but is fairy slow. It has a very wide special movepool, and its special attack isn't baaaad so they're viable. Sadly, it has a small physical movepool this gen, and can really only use shadow ball.

Due to you lack of a water HM user, Walrein is a must have. However, you still have options like Sharpedo or Gyarados on that front. Flygon's levitate is very useful for Manetric, so I'd also use that. However, Absol is also a decent.

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ludicolo is exclusive to sapphire
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Thanks! I'll do Flygon and Walrein
Why would you use Flygon when its weaknesses are the most common? (compared to your other options)
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First, why don't you just keep your HM slave? If you use only 4 battlers, then each of them will gain more experience and reach higher levels, and the game will be easier.

If you're sure you want 6 battlers for some weird reason, then I would recommend not using Flygon. The last 3 gym leaders and the Elite 4 use multiple ice and dragon attacks and no Pokemon that are weak to ground. These are my best movesets for Absol and Walrein.

Absol @ silk scarf
- strength -> return
- shadow ball
- swords dance
- taunt (or a HM move)

Absol's shadow ball is useful against Tate and Liza, and swords dance lets it easily sweep Wallace, Sidney, and Phoebe.

Walrein @ mystic water/never melt ice
- surf
- ice beam
- encore (or a HM move)
- earthquake (or a HM move)

Walrein's surf is useful against Tate and Liza and Steven, and its ice beam is useful against Drake.

Having 6 battlers allows you to cover more types. In addition, having 6 pokemon is cooler.
A team of 6 level 50 Pokemon that always uses super effective attacks is still weaker than one level 90 Pokemon that always spams either strength or surf.
Not against water absorb jellicent
There are no water absorb Jellicents in Ruby.
You never specified that the level 90 spamming strength and surf was in ruby
The question specified that it's in Ruby.