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I was thinking if moves like Surf, that hit all Pokémons, even an ally, is a good choice for competitive double/triple battles.

So I got a strategy you may like to use:-
So your ally will use protect, (or have water absorb, dry skin, or wonder guard) and you’ll use surf, then on the next turn, the Pokémon that used surf will use protect and so on...
Hope this helps...
What kind of doubles? VGC, OU, or something else? What Pokemon, moves, or abilities are you not allowed to use?
Nothing specific, any kind.

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Overall, I believe that Surf is a overall good move when partnered with the right Pokemon. Some benefits of Surf are that you damage all the opponents included your own Pokemon, but you do lose power as well. Also, you have the added bonus of healing your allies that have the ability Water Absorb or Dry Skin. Also, since Surf targets multiple Pokemon, it will not be affected by the ever popular ability Storm Drain. Surf also has 100 accuracy and 67.5 base power which also works in its favor over attacks like Muddy Water and Hydro Pump with 85 and 80 accuracy. So, overall I say that Surf is worth it given that you pair it up with the proper Pokemon. Don't pair it up with anything that is weak to it, but I would stick to Pokémon with Water Absorb, Dry Skin. If you don't have those abilities, I would go with a move like Scald. 80 base power and a 30% chance to burn is nice. This is just my opinion though.

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Surf loses power in doubles.
You could also pair it with steam engine coalossal
Surf will likely OHKO a Coalossal regardless of its ability.
Then how does surf gmax coalossal work so well
it doesn't
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In both VGC 2020 and DOU, surf isn't that good compared to other special water moves, mostly because it hits allies. Good support Pokemon like Gengar and Excadrill usually don't resist water or have an ability that activates on water attacks. Surf also loses power in double battles, so moves like hydro pump, hydro cannon, water spout, and scald are all stronger, and scald has the annoying burn chance. Pokemon use surf only if they can't learn any of those other special water moves.
However, if you're playing a weird format where surf is the only allowed move, then surf is a good move.

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Surf is a very good move. The only thing wrong with it is that it hits every Pokemon. So if your partner Pokemon without surf it wil be good if he resist water. And of he don't resist water waterfall is a good second option.