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I've heard of a ParaFlinch Togekiss. What does that mean? Are there any other comboes like this? If so, what are the names of them?

What combos would term as being like ParaFlinch? Ones that have a similar effect, or a similar name, etc?
Yes, I'm asking what combos are similar to ParaFlinch and what there effects are.
This is for competitive, right? What format/rules are you playing with?
Why does what he's playing have anything to do with what he's asking?
This is to help with creating better movesets.
Oh, ok. My bad.
I'm still not sure what you're looking for, but if you just want to learn more move combo terminology, you can try this: https://www.smogon.com/dp/articles/pokemon_dictionary
Note that it is multiple generations out of date.
The link is pretty useful. Thanks Fizz!

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Paraflinch is basically paralyzing the opponent then use a move with a chance to flinch. Togekiss is probably the most notorious user of this since it has thunder wave, air slash and the serene grace ability

As for comboes, I don't think there are others as once a Pokemon is affected by a status condition, you cannot be affected by another one unless the first status is somehow removed. The reason I think there is no other comboes is because in paraflinching, you have to pray to Arceus that the rng favored you in both the flinch chance from serene grace and the immobilization from the paralysis. If you are affected by a status other than paralysis, the paraflinch chance is basically cut in half

In short, paraflinch is a shortened term for paralysis and flinch and its purpose is to stop the victim from attacking at all

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