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Let's say I have an Electric-Ice Pokemon (like Arctozolt) and I am going up against a Water-Flying Pokemon (like Gyarados). I understand that electric is 2x as effective against water, and ice is 0.5x as effective against water so it evens out to 1x as effective (2 0.5 = 1). I also get that both electric and ice are 2x as effective against flying, meaning it's 4x as effective. Does that mean my Electric-Ice Pokemon is 4x as effective on a Water-Flying Pokemon (1 4)?

Another example, if I have a Water-Ground Pokemon against a Rock-Fire Pokemon, does that mean my Pokemon is 16x as effective? Water-Ground Pokemon are 4x as effective against Rock Pokemon, and Water-Ground Pokemon are also 4x as effective against Fire Pokemon (4 * 4).


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For targets that have multiple types, the type effectiveness of a move is the product of its effectiveness against each of the types:

If the type of a move is super effective against both of the opponent's types (such as Dig, a Ground-type move, used against an Aggron, a Steel/Rock Pokémon), then the move does 4 times the damage;
If the type of a move is not very effective against both of the opponent's types (such as Wake-Up Slap, a Fighting-type move, used against a Sigilyph, a Psychic/Flying Pokémon), then the move only does ¼ of the damage;
If the type of a move is super effective against one of the opponent's types but not very effective against the other (such as Razor Leaf, a Grass-type move, used against a Gyarados, a Water/Flying Pokémon), then the move deals regular damage;
If the type of move is completely ineffective against one of the opponent's types, then the move does no damage, even if the opponent has a second type that would be vulnerable to it (as in Thunderbolt, an Electric-type move, used against a Quagsire, a Water/Ground Pokémon).

So only moves can be effective against Pokemon. Pokemon are not effective against each other. Your Arctozolt's electric attacks are 4* effective against Gyarados, and ice attacks are 1* effective against Gyarados.

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