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Eg rock and ground share weaknesses to water and grass and steel and flying share resistances to grass and bug


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Most 4x weaknesses - tie between 8 type combos

Grass/Bug has 4x weaknesses to Fire and Flying.
Ice/Bug has 4x weaknesses to Fire and Rock.
Ice/Rock has 4x weaknesses to Fighting and Steel.
Ice/Steel has 4x weaknesses to Fire and Fighting.
Ground/Rock has 4x weaknesses to Grass and Water.
Psychic/Ghost has 4x weaknesses to Ghost and Dark.
Rock/Fire has 4x weaknesses to Water and Ground.
Rock/Steel has 4x weaknesses to Fighting and Ground.

Most 4x resistances

Fire/Steel has a 4x resistance to Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel, and Fairy.


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Useless fact: ice, bug, steel, and fairy are the only 4 types that only Shedinja is immune to.
Heatran the OP.
Good thing they didn't ask for triple types. ;)
Back under the original RBY type chart, Grass/Bug also suffered this ignominy against Poison, making it the only dual-type combo that's ever had three distinct double weaknesses at any point in time.
Thanks now do triple types...jk