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Most Pokémon have their own signature moves.But what exactly is a signature move?


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There are Signature Moves, and there are signature moves.

The former is a specific move that, generally speaking, "belongs" to a Pokemon of significance, generally but not always a Legendary or Mythical Pokemon. Examples would include Dialga's Roar of Time, or Darkrai's Dark Void. These are moves that no other Pokemon is capable of using, even if they are somehow able to learn it (Smeargle and Sketch being the primary pathway). The move will always fail when used by a different Pokemon.

The latter are moves that happen to have a specific theme relating to a Pokemon, but do not belong to that Pokemon. Many Pokemon tend to be able to learn such a move, but the initial creative idea was for it to mesh with the theme of a specific Pokemon. Water Shuriken is a good example, as it was developed for Greninja for obvious thematic reasons. But other Pokemon can learn it, like Accelgor. They tend to be more rare when the move is first created, but then are handed out more readily as time goes on.

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How do you know that "Signature Moves" and "signature moves" are different? I've never seen anyone else say different capitalizations have different meanings.
Did you get this from the Lockstin video?
Here's the link. I think this information is from this video because he even talks about having it being capitalized and non capitalized. https://youtu.be/GC4r9V87xoM
Not sure why I need a source for basic linguistic usage of English...  The term Signature Move is a proper noun, and refers to a specific kind of thing.  The term signature move is not a proper noun, it is simply a noun, and refers to a more broad category.  It also builds off of the concept of what the thing is we're talking about -- a particular action that is iconic to a given entity.  The concept of someone having a signature move has been a thing in gaming basically forever.
I know but I just watched the video like a week ago and he talks about how some signature moves like water shuriken for instance were made to make a Pokemon special in their generation. However in the next generations they give the move out to other Pokemon because it's not needed as a signature move and could help a lot of other pokemon out in the metagame
I don't think that's how proper nouns work. Proper nouns refer to one specific thing, not a specific kind of thing. According to your definition, there are still multiple "Signature Moves", so "Signature Move" shouldn't be a proper noun.
sumwun is right
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Signature moves are moves that can be only learned by one Pokemon. For a list of all Pokemon with signature moves (if they had or have any), go here.

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A signature move is a move that can normally only be learned by a single Pokémon, evolutionary family, or Legendary group.


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