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This is series 6 in Ranked Battles, Sword and Shield.
Primarina is a niche Pokemon with superfluous sp.def, allowing it tank one or two special attacks before falling, as well as being capable of dishing out humongous damage with its base 116 sp.atk. Additionally, Primarina is buffed in series 6 with the absence of Rillaboom. However, the question is, how do you stop this beast from going on a rampage?

Life orb, Liquid Voice Primarina can set up some serious damage. Due to the absence of Rillaboom, as well as the lack of viable electric and grass type mons in this series, the only possible counter for Primarina seems to be Dracozolt, who can hit for hustle + life orb Max Lightning. If a redirection from Amoongus happens, Primarina would Dazzling gleam/Moonblast + Dmax move into Dracozolt for the OHKO.

As far as I can see, I can't spot any efficient mons who can counter/check Primarina. Toxtrcitity seems good on paper. However, due to Primarina's superior special defense, it can't efficiently take it out, followed by max strike from hyper voice to deal enough damage to OHKO.
252+ SpA Life Orb Primarina Max Strike vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Toxtricity: 136-161 (90.6 - 107.3%) -- 43.8% chance to OHKO

So my final question is:
How do you counter Primarina?
How do you counter the counters for Primarina?


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Provided no redirection - Tailwinded bolt beak from dracozolt, if conditions are right then with the weakness policy activated: just to really make sure it dies

I use my own Primarina with Energy Ball, and I am able to 2HKO it with Expert belt. Rotom-Mow might be a better counter though.

I only use Dark-types in ranked, so my go-to has been Drapion or Morpeko with Focus Sash and Protect. Aura Wheel hits hard.

What about ferrothorn


Counters to Dracozolt:

Ground Type Pokemon are naturally immune to Dracozolt’s Bolt Beak, and can OHKO in return with their super effective STAB move. These three candidates, particularly the latter two, are known for their high Physical bulk and tendency to Dynamax, turning them into highly nasty adversaries that Dracozolt cannot simply power through.

Dracozolt’s middling Speed puts it at a stark disadvantage against faster foes, especially those that are known to carry the Choice Scarf. Both Flygon and Galarian Darmanitan are already naturally faster than Dracozolt, with powerful STAB moves to strike at the Fossil Pokemon’s weakness(es). Without Tailwind, Dracozolt risks getting KOed before it can operate, even while it is in Dynamax Mode.

Ferrothorn is the only Pokemon that resists both of Dracozolt’s STAB while only taking neutral damage from the common coverage moves like Aerial Ace and Stomping Tantrum. Dracozolt does have options in Fire Fang, but that is rare and implies giving up the benefits offered by either Max Airstream or Max Quake. While Ferrothorn’s STAB moves are resisted by Dracozolt in return, odds are still slightly in its favor due to its respectable Physical bulk and access to Leech Seed.


Counters to Rotom-Mow:

Mow Rotom has more weaknesses than Heat or Wash, the most notable of which being the Fire type, which is rather common in the current meta. Since many Pokemon are packing a Fire move as coverage (vs. the likes of Ferrothorn), it's important to know what moves opposing Pokemon might know.

Grass/Electric unfortunately does not provide a wide coverage and can rather easily be resisted. Dragon types in particular are recommended to deal with Mow Rotom.


Counters to Morpeko:
It's fairly weak, any decent Ground type move should be able to finish it off quickly.

Counters to Ferrothorn:

With a 4x weakness to Fire, Ferrothorn can be quickly handled with Fire attacks. Either of Rotom-Heat or Arcanine are easy to use in Ranked Battle and even besides being great Ferrothorn counters, will be a welcome addition to your team.


Hope I helped!

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Both Flygon and Galarian Darmanitan are already naturally faster than Dragapult

Do u mean dracozolt?
Yep, my source has an error. That should be Dracozolt.