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Steel, specifically god forsaken steel/fairies
What format?
Showdown Tiers such as OU,UU,RU, NU, and PU.
4x weaknesses are temping, especially on bulky Pokemon, so Ferro may force a switch to a Pokemon with a Fire type move.
Fairy is a good defensive typing, it can force switches. Water/Fairy is especially annoying.
I mean, it really depends on what you are facing. If you are asking which type combo has the most super effective moves then clarify that
Do you mean like a Water/Ground going up against a Grass type?
Walls like Blissey often force switches when the opponent knows staying in means dying to toxic.

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There is no single type that forces switches. A Pokemon with a type advantage will usually force out an opponent's with the threat of a super effective move but if the opponent can take a hit and kill in one shot, then it's most likely gonna stay. If you really want to force an opponent out, it takes a combination of movesets, item, ability, the mons in question, amount of hp both sides currently have and most importantly, which remaining Pokemon both sides have remaining, most, if not, all of which must be in your favor

When it comes to forcing a switch, it all comes down to prediction. If you succeed, you get a free turn, if you fail, press F. Since there is no definite type that forces switches, the closest you would get is analyzing the meta you're playing on. The most dominant ones are usually the ones that can force a lot of switches since they threaten most of the meta

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