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I was curious and wanted to know about all the moves positively and negatively affected by weather and terrain. I don't mean any Water- or Fire-type moves that get boosted in the sun or rain. I mean a move like Thunder that gets boosted accuracy in the rain or Grassy Glide gets priority in Grassy Terrain.

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Weather Ball changes type, Terrain Pulse changes type, Earthquake's power is halved in Grassy Terrain, Priority moves fail in psychic terrain

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Harsh Sunlight

  • Boosts the amount of HP Synthesis, Moonlight, and Morning Sun heal.

  • Thunder and Hurricane have just 50% accuracy.

  • Solar Beam and Solar Blade become one-turn moves.

  • From Generation 5 onwards, Growth boosts Attack and Special Attack sharply.


  • Shore Up restores more HP.

- Thunder and Hurricane get perfect accuracy.

  • In Diamond and Pearl, Thunder has a 30% chance to hit through Protect or Detect when used in rain.


  • Aurora Veil fails if used without hail active.

  • Blizzard gets perfect accuracy.

  • In Diamond and Pearl, Blizzard has a 30% chance to hit through Protect or Detect when used in hail.

Hail, Sandstorm, and Rain

  • Morning Sun, Synthesis, and Moonlight restore less HP.

  • Solar Beam and Solar Blade have their power halved.

All weathers

  • Weather Ball's power doubles and changes to a different type depending on the active weather.


Electric Terrain

  • All sleep moves fail.

  • Rising Voltage's power doubles.

Grassy Terrain

  • Halves damage taken from Bulldoze, Earthquake, and Magnitude.

  • Grassy Glide has increased priority.

  • Floral Healing restores more HP.

Misty Terrain

  • Grounded Pokemon take half damage from Dragon moves.

  • Misty Explosion's power increases by 50%.

  • Grounded Pokemon can't be affected by status conditions.

  • From Generation 7 onwards, grounded Pokemon can't be afflicted with confusion.

Psychic Terrain

  • Grounded Pokemon are immune to priority moves.

  • Expanding Force's power is doubled and hits all opponents.

All terrains

  • Terrain Pulse doubles power and changes type based on active Terrain.

  • Steel Roller only works when a Terrain is active.

  • Nature Power turns into a different move depending on the Terrain.

  • Secret Power's effects differ based on the active Terrain.

  • Camouflage changes the user's type based on the active Terrain.

  • Defog, Splintered Stormshards, and G-Max Wind Rage clear the active Terrain.


Hope I helped!

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