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I found the legendary bird trio in crown tundra, and zapdos flew to the wild area. I chased it down, and tried to Catch it. Unfortunately, my Pokemon were level 100 and it was level 70, so it was hard to catch since my Pokemon are already stronger and I KO'd it. A sign came up saying zapdos flew to somewhere else. Later, my game autosaved, so I couldn't retry! Where can you find zapdos if you defeat it before? If so, are there any good strategies to Catch it? What's the best pokeball apart from masterball to use? Can these strategies be used with any other legendaries in crown tundra?

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I've just assumed the birds reappear somewhere else in the map.
Can I please have a direct place? Because I had the same question too.

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If you have trouble getting it to appear again, try defending your title (or become champion if you haven't yet). That is how it works in other games. To catch it, use a weak move, false swipe, or a move that doesn't deal damage to waste time and use a timer ball. I caught Zacian in a timer ball (first try) so I think it'll work for Zapdos too.

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Thanks so much! I love legendaries and I don't want to miss an opportunity to catch one!
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I accidentally did the same thing too! For Zapdos, I'm pretty sure it was in the wild area. After searching around the wild area for a bit, I found Zapdos again and chased it down and caught it. I'm pretty sure it just respawns in the wild area until you catch it!

  • Note, I may have just gotten lucky, but try searching around again.
Thank you! I'm happy it respawns. I will try and get some timer balls to catch those birds!