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Court Change moves stuff people set up like Reflect and Spikes to the other side in one turn. That is very good and I don't know why this is not used as often. Is it because Cinderace is set up as a sweeper, or something else?

Because if you set rocks, you could bring them to yourself. If you set screens, you can give them to the opponent.
I mean if the opponent sets them up, why would you switch them to the opposite side? I mean to the better side, aka your side
Cinderave is a bit frail and is made to be a sweeper giving the opponent's an extra turn can be a game changer :/
If that's why, then post that as an answer, not as a comment
Because not a lot of people are currently using entry hazard in the meta
No offense, this doesn't say much and doesn't have many reasons, sorry.
I'm also pretty sure it's wrong. With Heavy-Duty Boots debuting this gen, hazards aren't as prevalent, but they are still quite common in singles formats.
@Dragapult when Kprulhiere says "meta" they mean the metagame, or the Showdown! tier.
I know that, X told me.
Do you want me to convert this to a comment Dragapult?
Ok, thank you J!
No problem.
I thought it was cause it's better to set it up yourself, as cinderace is a sweeper, and a support move and a frail sweeper aren't so good
Yea, it is built to be a sweeper.
What format/rules are you asking about?

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With Heavy Duty Boots debuting in this Gen, hazards aren't as prevalent
commented 26 minutes ago by Mega-Blade X

Heavy Duty Boots prevents Pokemon from taking hazard damage, which is what Pokémon such as Volcarona would hold since it has a 4x weakness to Stealth Rock.

I'd also like to point out some other reasons. Even if you manage to use Court Change to redirect Stealth Rock or a Light Screen, there are Defog users, which gets rid of entry hazards, Light Screen and Reflect. Also, Rapid Spiners can remove hazards such as Stealth Rock, but cannot when the opponent sends out a Ghost Type.

There's a Pokemon I'd like to mention: Landorous-Therian

Since Crown Tundra released, Landorous-T is currently in OU. It has a type advantage over Cinderace, and it has access to Defog if Landorous-T tries to Stealth Rock and Cinderace uses Court Change.

Also, Cinderace is pretty frail.

Hope this helps.

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That actually makes some sense! Cinderace is frail, so Court Changing will cost you death. Thanks!
Yep I said nothing ;-;