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I’ve seen some square shiny regielekis and dragos. But I wonder if they are legit. I’m aware there are lots of genned, clones, hacked ones around. I need to know before I start hunting for a square!
I’m also interested in Regigigas to be a square. Since it can be found in a den, does it work different than the other regis? or does it have to come from previous games for it to be square?

First of all, what are square shinies.
From Gen 8, there are two types of shiny sparkles. And..... Square shiny is one among them!

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The chance of a shiny being a square shiny that you found in the wild is 15/16. The chance of a square shiny appearing from a shiny you hatched from an egg is 1/16. And vice versa with star shinies. However, if a static encounter is shiny it has the same odds as if it was in an egg, so it would be 1/16 for a square shiny.

Therefore, the odds of a Shiny Regi being a Square Shiny is 1/16, because the Regis are static encounters. The odds of a random Regi being a Square Shiny is 1/65536.


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They asked about Regis, not wild encounters. Regis are infact static encounters!!
I talked about static encounters. I'm going to make the answer more obvious in the paragraph tho
Sure thanks, I was confused whether it was 1/16 or 1/65536 and forgot I posted this. There you go, the checkmark