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How are Pokemon heights measured? Are Pokemon like Furret measured from head to toe, or head to tail? Is Suicune 6'07" while standing on all fours or while standing on it's hind legs? Is Torterra measured from head to tree? The Pokedex states really odd heights, and it made me wonder how these heights are measured.

Some are different. For example, wailords is its length, while sudowoodos would be it's height. It's pretty inconsistent, and there's no exact way.
Also I'd think it's how the sprite shows it.

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Snakelike Pokemon like Seviper and Milotic are measured based on length, not height. Non-snakelike Pokemon are measured however Game Freak sees fit -- we don't really know whether Torterra is measured from foot to tree or foot to head. They are inconsistent, however: Charizard is shorter than Furret, which doesn't make the most sense. Don't read into heights too deeply, they don't matter much, and the developers likely just made something up. It's hard to judge an imaginary creature's height.

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Furret is already way larger than a ferret, so I think it makes sense that it’s taller than Charizard, since giant ferrets are made-up and don’t have a standard size