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I know, Lunala is the emblem of the moon but shouldn't it be psychic/dark type instead of a psychic/ghost type? please help me I am very confused.

In Japanese, the Dark type translates to Evil. So it wouldn’t be right to have an “Evil Type” legendary that is supposed to be good.

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Part of the reason is that the Dark type is associated with evil, and Game Freak may not want Lunala considered evil. Another reason is its origin. Here's what Bulbapedia says:

Lunala appears to be based on a bat with a Moon motif. In particular, it might reference the two known Hawaiian bat species, the still living Hawaiian hoary bat and the extinct Synemporion, or the ghost bat.

It could also be based on Itzpapalotl, a skeletal Aztec goddess and star demon, often depicted with bladed bat wings; Camazotz, a Mayan bat god that was associated with the night, death, and sacrifice; Leutogi, a Samoan protector bat goddess; and Pe'a-pe'a-makawalu, an eight-eyed bat that Hawaiian demigod Maui snatched eyes from. This may also be a basis for Lunala's auxiliary eye in Full Moon phase.

Lunala is quite literally a Ghost bat, so it would obviously be a Ghost type. One of its potential inspirations comes from a god of death. Ghost types are dead Pokemon, so that is very likely another reason why.


Hope I helped!

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Hm. . . "Ghost types are dead pokemon". . . Lunala is a ghost?!
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I think its because ghosts are more related to the night than dark because dark is associated with evil tactics and cheating/crimes rather than the dark itself. WHICH MAKES NO SENSE BECUASE POKEMON LIKE ABSOL AND UMBREON PROTECT PEOPLE LIKE WHAT THE FRICK GAMEFREAK. Its also why Dark is weak to Fairy and Fighting because Good beats Bad. Also lunala is based off of a bat and bats live in the dark and are noctornal so yea.

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Absol is a Dark type because it brings warnings of doom, which people in-game took to mean that Absol was an evil bringer of doom, instead of a forewarner. Umbreon is partially based off a black cat, omens of bad luck.