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Idk just curious because in sword the last gym leader only uses 4 but hes the last one so you would think he would have 6 right?

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If you count the Gym Leaders in the postgame of Pokémon Platinum, then yes.

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The closest they get are 5 Pokemon during the main story, and they're usually the last leaders.

In rematches, some of them do get full teams.

cough cough Blue has 6 Pokemon in hgss
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Thanks! It is kinda weird that they dont give them 6 pokemon while you can catch 6.
Raising Pokemon is hard, and they have other responsibilities.

And of course, would you want the second gym leader to have a full team of 6 lol?
Actually I would. Pokemon should make the two base games and add a hard mode to them with like, every gym leaders level scaled up by 30%
Some games have a challenge mode, like BW/B2W2.
*cough cough* Blue has 6 Pokemon in hgss
They didn't ask about the main story they asked about gym leaders
Small teams are stronger than full teams if experience is limited. This is why world record speedruns never use full teams.
sumwun that is clever