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my Zoroark's Nature is, Adamant. And the Characteristic is "Impetuous and silly"

the Moves it has right now are:
Night Slash
Shadow Ball

would the be a good Zoroark to train? or should I try to get a different one? or should I choose a different Pokemon?

if you need any information on my other team members I'll give it.

What game is this in?
Adamant but you're special? Most probably not
If SwSh
-Get a Modest mint
-Use golden bottle caps until 31 SpA and 31 Spe IVs
- You also need EVs
If this is in-game @Prof, Natures don't matter in the slightest.

The tags say "in-game-team". You don't need EVs for an in-game team, and no one's going to be levelling to 100 for a playthrough.
What is this for and what game? Is it for In game or competitive? What is the rest of your team?
first just tell me the game and its teammates

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It depends on the level of your Zoroark, and what you're about to face

Now, this is for your in-game team, and we need to know where you are at in your game and which game it is in. But I think I could help you out a little without knowing those facts.

Although this is an in-game team and Natures and having mixed Pokemon aren't that crucial, you do need at least a slightly good moveset to progress through your game. I think that Zoroark is a solid Pokemon to have on your team and I think you don't need to switch it out for another Pokemon. I suggest having this moveset:

Zoroark @ anything you wish, items are not that crucial for in-game playthroughs (though I do suggest items that increase the power of moves, such as black glasses)

I would have to make four separate movesets for the moves because they vary in each gen

Gen 5 (Black/White/Black 2/White 2):

  • Night Daze

  • Nasty Plot

  • Aerial Ace

  • the last slot is your choice, it doesn't really matter

I know that you said that it has an Adamant nature, but that doesn't matter for in-game playthroughs, you have other Pokemon, it's ok.

Gen 6 (Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire/X/Y):

  • Night Daze

  • Shadow Ball

  • Flamethrower

  • Grass Knot/ Low Sweep

Gen 7 (Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon):

  • Night Slash

  • Shadow Claw

  • Flamethrower

  • Swords Dance

Gen 8 (Sword/Shield):

  • Night Slash

  • Shadow Claw

  • Sludge Bomb

  • Bounce

Ok! I think that's it. Hope I've helped!

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You might want to suggest an item at least, such as Black Glasses (boosts Dark-type moves) or an Expert Belt.
Dark and Ghost moves on the same set are redundant. Keep one offensive Dark move on each set for STAB, and replace the Ghost moves with something else. Why would you use Lash Out over Night Slash or Throat Chop? Zoroark can't be used in LGP/E.
@Kyogre Pulse, I edited it, thanks!

@Giga~blade X, I edited it Lash out to Night Slash, and also it doesn't really matter for in-game teams, plus Ghost-type moves can hit other moves neutrally while Dark-type moves are being resisted
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Zoroark is an amazing Pokémon with a incredible ability.If your foe has a strong Special Attacker team,you could pretty much take the lead,since most of the Sp.Atkers are Psychic Pokémon.
It also has amazing speed,a marvelous ability to trick foes,if your foe got an amazing attack you can Foul Play to victory.
It is definetely worth it to train a Zoroark.

The attacks you got are pretty well rounded.
U-Turn to a quick escape.
Night Slash for STAB
Maybe you could change Shadow Ball and Flamethrower for Shadow Claw and another physical move(if he learns fire punch,is a good choice),since his nature is Adamant,which lowers Sp.Atk.
If you could change Night Slash to Foul Play it would be great too.
That's my opinion.

Tbh, I don't think this is a complete answer...

Plus what does the opponent having a special attacker have to do with anything? it could be a fire type, or any other pokemon, it doesn't HAVE to be Psychic type, plus not all psychic-type pokemon are special attackers.

Natures don't matter in-game, so you don't have to switch Shadow Ball and Flamethrower, both are strong moves I would recommend.