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Scarved Butterfree outspeeds all base 130s, and paired alongside a mon which can overwrite terrain to eradicate electric terrain or misty terrain, Scarved Butterfree has recently appealed to me, and I was wondering if anyone has actually tried to use it and how it went in VGC 2021. It seems very risky as you will need to predict a lot of protects, e.g. whether or not the opposing Glastrier will protect and let Dusclops set up TR.

Scarf set = Sleep powder set.

Is Butterfree good in the current doubles format?

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Wdym? You can remove threats early on in the game and it automatically becomes 2v1! Sleep is a huge factor in this game and Butterfree is a fast but frail prototype of Amoongus. How could sleep be considered a waste of Pokémon?!?
You could just use a sash if you need to live so you can attack or atleast do something
Just don't forget there exists priority, and even if you pair it with Tapu Lele, Butterfree isn't grounded, so Fake Out screws Focus Sash.
I have tried it before, and I tried it only a couple times because I realized that you almost have to build a team around it. It's hard to just throw it on to spam sleep, unlike a pokemon like milotic. You need one that can for one, take advantage of the sleep, so a bunch of intimate pokemon aren't amazingly helpful. And, number two, be able to help dodge around protects that go up. Also of course as you mentioned, prediction, which is a huge factor. Even though I used it early, when I wasn't very good, from my limited useage of it it can definitely help sometimes, but overall there are better pokemon. (Plus random goggles to stop other Pokémon's sleep powders and sandstorm chip). Also it fails against koko and fini, both of which are pretty popular
You'll probably get a better answer if you ask here: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/vgc-ask-a-simple-question-get-a-simple-answer.3588172/ Also Dynamax is probably better than Gigantamax Butterfree. Gmax befuddle has the same base power as max flutterby, and max flutterby has a more reliable effect.

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Butterfree is not a good sleep user in VGC 21. Amoonguss is better because it has higher HP, less weaknesses, regenerator, and rage powder.