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I want to know if there is a site where you can calculate the stats of a single Pokemon.Iknow there is Smogon,but I want a simpler one calculating only one Pokemon stats.
Are there any sites for this?
P.S I seem to have been unclear so sorry about that
I want a calculator which shows the total speed,attack etc after I have entered the ivs,evs,natures,items,etc

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I need a site that calculates everything
I am bad at math and I don't have time calculate all that stuff xd
The Smogon calculator has item slot, but it only shows the speed increase iirc.
Does Showdown's teambuilder or damage calculator do what you want?
Fizz they want a calculator which calculate stuff after putting EVs, etc. which Smogon's calculator and Serebii's does, but they also want it to have a item slot which most calculators don't put in stat calculation.
PS! and smogon's calculator doesn't have characteristics and some stat raising things,  which Serebii's provides.

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It has IV stat calculator for SwSh, SM and XY. Here are the links:
For SwSh
For SM
For XY


I think he meant something like this:
Jolly+252 spe EVs on Zacian=What speed
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It does that thing. Look at this image.
How to obtain results
Step 1: Type the desired Pokemon's species name in "Pokemon Species'
[Optional]: There's a forme option, which you need to fill if the species has different formes.
Step 2: Enter the characteristic, nature, etc. Then, fill the Level, EVs, and IVs.
Step 3: Under the "CALCULATED STATS - MIN / MAX", there's the calculate stats option. Click it, and then under calculated stats - min/max the results should appear.

Hope this helps!

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Hey,thanks but this isn't the thing i was looking for.I needed a site where I can calculate the overall stats for a pokemon
I need it for experiementing
? Check the links given. They calculate stats. What do you need to "overall calculate"?
The damage a Pokemon deals to another by a move? I.e. damage calculation?
I think he meant something like this:
Jolly+252 spe EVs on Zacian=What speed
Look at this image. https://imgur.com/a/o9v8S9j
I think i made a big confusion
I edited a bit of the questio
This calculator has no place to enter the item.
I don't think Items are much important. You can simply use a simple calculator to multiply that 1.5x or 0.5x, etc. from Choice items, etc. And @sumwun they didn't told to include items before I posted my answer.