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Asking because in SwSh, whenever I encounter the Daily Eevees at the Lake of Outrage and the Crown Tundra DLC, it seems like those ones specifically have a 50/50 gender odd. If I reset 10 times, I'll probably get 5 females and 5 males on average. Do those particular Eeveelution spawns have a higher female gender rate?

Asking this because yeah, there's nothing specifically stating one way or another. If someone wants to find a Lake of Outrage eeveelution and soft reset 100 times, and count how many of those 100 were male vs female, be my guest lol. I'd highly appreciate that.

Mod note: This question challenges that the 7:1 gender ratio for Eeveelutions in the Wild Area exists. To answer this question, you must show that the same ratio does or doesn't exist for these Pokemon. It is not enough to blame luck, as the asker explained that they've found the ratio to be closer to 1:1 over the course of a year.

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LoL you're just lucky
ah yes for the past year ive been having 50/50 odds out of pure luck
Which Eeveelutions are they that you keep finding?
no cute charm, any other source? that one is a thread and just seems to be a bold opinion rather than an actual fact
specifically the ones at Lake of Outrage that spawns daily; all of them at that location
No only two ablities are related to gender, the other one, rivalry doesn't have any effect outside of battle
No I couldn't find anything else too, but well according to me eevee should be 87.5% female.
Should be means my opinion
I can't seem to find something that says anything about the Eeveelutions gender rate changing, but the odds for a female Eeveelution is 12.5%. I'd find the probability of getting a female for 10 soft resets, but I'm not sure the way I do it will be correct.
hey, if you want to do a bunch of reset and give your average and get the average odds per resets, I count that as science. It may not be exact, but if you did like 100 resets on the lake of outrage eeveelutions and got like 40/60, thats still higher odds than normal by a ton
Idk I still say you're lucky. (Go for lottery you'll win(joke))
No actually you're right.https://youtu.be/9SlmUtNQ1bc
Here 2 eeveelutions shown are female.
Something is wrong, but I don't know what
Dang it, I thought Serebii had gender ratios
Do you have a source?
The point of this question is to contest that the 7:1 male ratio is the same for this particular encounter. This answer doesn't prove that the ratio is the same.
I’m considering soft resetting until I find a shiny and tallying the gender odds now lol. My own question but you gotta do what you gotta do

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Not a complete answer, but this is my own question and I’m okay with it.

I started testing this a few minutes ago and I immediately noticed a few things.

100% of 10 Leafeon encounters were Female.
100% of 5 Umbreon encounters were Male.

Of course, this wasn’t enough to prove anything, but this makes me think: what if there’s different gender ratios per Eeveelution for Lake of Outrage encounters?

I caught a few Leafeon to see if their stats are the same, which would explain the consistent gender ratio. Unfortunately, they were, which made my observations above invalid.

I changed the date to January 9th, 2021 (my birthday), and I’m soft resetting every encounter, along with changing the date. So far, I’ve had 14 encounters. Here are the results.

6 Eevees were Girls.
8 Eevees were Boys.

That’s about ~42.8% of the Eevees, out of 14, being girls.

The Eevees that were girls so far have been Leafeon x2, Vaporeon, Glaceon x2, and Jolteon.

The boys have been Umbreon x2, Sylveon x2, Flareon x2, Leafeon, and Espeon.

I still don’t think this is enough to conclude anything, but I’m going to keep going. As of now, I do think my Eeveelution = individual gender ratios is a possibility.

After 33 encounters, without getting into all the different Eevees, my total was 13 Females out of 33, now I’m not the best at math, so please feel free to correct me if this percentage is wrong, but this left me with a whopping 39.39%. Much higher than the ~12% am I right?

As of 45 encounters, 20 of them have been female, giving me a 44.44% of finding a female. The pattern of the ~40% seems to be a trend so far.

I plan on going to 100 encounters total before giving my final results on this. Alongside my final results, I’ll also give the gender ratio per Eeveelution. But for now, I’ll leave this at that, as it’s time for me to rest.

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