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What Pokemon are good and easy to catch in Pokemon Moon?
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What do you want to do with these Pokemon? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Tree, in-game trainers, or something else?
What do you mean by easy?
(facepalms) ik what she means by that. She actually means

What pokemon are good, but easy to catch?

and she wants it for a casual in-game playthrough.

I know all of this bc she texted me this
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Ok! To clarify, I want something i can battle in-game trainers with. and easy to catch, but idk if that is even like, something you can tell me? idk maybe i should take out easy...
Ewa, someone already answered. their answer will help you.

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The starters are all very easy to get, as they're gifted to you. All are extremely good for playthroughs, and Popplio is probably the best.

Abra can be found early on, and is fairly easy to catch (Teleport can be annoying though). Kadabra and Alakazam are both excellent Pokemon for an in-game playthrough.

Magnemite is a good Pokemon both defensively and offensively. Magnezone unfortunately cannot be obtained until much later, but Magneton carries its weight nonetheless.

Growlithe has been a consistently good Pokemon for all generations. Arcanine does extremely well in Alola, and Growlithe is relatively easy to find and catch.

Magikarp, while awful at first, can be truly fearsome as a Gyarados. It can be caught easily, and while it may take a bit to level up, the results are well worth it.

Bounsweet evolves into a very reliable physical Grass type, Tsareena. It's easy to find in the Lush Jungle, and doesn't evolve overly late either.

Sandile eventually becomes Krookodile, one of the best Ground types (and one of the more easily accessible). It has a large movepool, and amazing Attack to go along with it. It's obtained somewhat late, though.

Hope I helped!

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Here’s some advice for if you want one of these Pokémon (if that’s what you will call it):

If you want to catch an Abra, register 10 Pokémon in you Pokédex, and then talk to some NPC in the Tourist Center (is that the name? Idk lol). He will give you 10 Ultra Balls, which are great for catching Abras.

You can obtain a Bounsweet by trading a certain NPC in the Pokémon Center before Brooklet Hill. She will ask for Lillipup in exchange, which is relatively easy to find.

 Alolan Digglet is a good Ground type before you get Sandile, it’s even recommended in the official guidebook.
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