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So I have been hearing a lot of these terms. One day my friends were discussing about which is the best HM slave in Pokemon Diamond version. I didn't know what a HM slave meant, so I went to ask someone. But the person I asked said that it should be called an HM mule. So what is the difference? And if there is no difference, is there a more commonly used name out there?


I'd assume they're the same thing but people don't want to use the word slave anymore. Some people find it offensive.
It's a donkey. (Joke)

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No, there isn't

These two terms' meaning is the same.

HM Mule:

HM mule. A term used within parts of the fandom to refer to a Pokémon in a Trainer's party that is used for navigational support through the use of field moves—generally those taught by Hidden Machines.

HM Slave:

An HM slave, then, is a term for a Pokemon that is not used for battle but knows one or more of these moves (referring to the HM Moves), such that the battle performance of your other 5 Pokemon is not diminished by "wasting" one of your 4 attack moves with an HM move (which are generally subpar compared to other, similar, options).

It’s just that, and Slave is also an offensive word, as mentioned before.

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Hope I helped!

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No problem.
One day mules will learn how to read, and they will complain that "HM mule" is offensive.
thats extremely probable, and then these would be named "HM Pikachu"