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Well I know that Fire Lash and Overheat are good moves, but which one should I have. Fire Lash lowers Defense and has 100 accuracy, 80 power and Overheat with 130 power, 90 accuracy, but lowers Special Attack harshly so which one should I have?


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Fire Lash is better. Centiskorch has a higher physical attack, plus Fire Lash drops the opponent's Defense, meaning it'll do quite a bit. It does consistent damage, unlike Overheat, which is a one-time nuke. Fire Lash is better in almost all cases, unless you really need a Fire type nuke, which I recommend against. Smogon always recommends Fire Lash, plus Centiskorch gets Coil to further boost its power.

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I may check it by playing the game the best answer.
I'm not sure what your comment is saying but ok
I meant using Fire Lash in Pokemon.
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Obviously Fire Lash.
Despite Overheat's higher BP, Centiskorch's Atk is more better than it's SpA. It also gets access to moves like Coil, and it's special movepool is more shallow compared to it's better physical movepool, consisting of moves like Leech Life, Power Whip, Knock Off, etc.
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