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When should I evolve my Nidorino into a Nidoking in Pokémon Red?

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You can evolve Nidorino the moment you get a Moon Stone, preferably before Level 23.

Nidorino gets Focus Energy at Level 23, Fury Attack at 32, Horn Drill at 41 and Double Kick at 50, if you don't evolve it.

Out of these moves, none are really helpful—Focus Energy isn't worth the go when in-game is all about all-attacking and it lowers critical hit chance. Fury Attack isn't better than Thrash, Horn Drill relies on luck while grinding to Level 50 for Double Kick is totally unworthy of effort.

However, if you evolve it before Lvl 23, it will get to learn Thrash. Thrash is an incredibly good move with Base 120 Power, and the confusion won't matter a lot since you can switch-out freely.


Therefore, I suggest evolving Nidorino before Level 23 so that it gets Thrash as Nidoking.

Hope this helps!

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Focus energy lowers critical hit chance in RBY. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Focus_Energy_(move)
Its minor but "so that it gets Trash as Nidoking"
Its just a minor error like I said but its still there and says nidoking can use trash lol
Heres a useful tip, I wouldn't evolve it until after your 2nd gym badge depending on what starter you choose, for example, if you chose Charmander it means you will have more pokemon weak to Water types.
Also, Thrash isn't 120 bp in gen 1-4, its 90.