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my infernape has forgotten close-combat. i did it by mistake.
i wnat to teach it again.
and also i want to teach him thunder punch .so how should i teach these moves.
i haven't got any heart scales also .
so please tell me the location of heart scales too.............
in Pokemon Pearl.

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Well to remember a move you need to go to pastoria city, and give a heartscale to the move tutor (he is in one of the houses)

To learn thunderpunch you need to transfer your infernape to a hg/ss or to a platinum version and take it to a special tutor who asks for shards, or you can get a female infernape and breed it with an Ampharos / Hitmonchan / Electabuzz / Smeargle , etc who knows thunderpunch, and the new chimchars will have thunderpunch

to get heartscales you need to hunt em in the underground (explorer kit ) searching in the walls

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Well, actually, the only way to re-teach a move to a Pokemon is by using a Heart Scale!
That is alright if you don't have Heart Scales, you can always get more!
You can get Heart Scales by going to the underground, or by catching wild Luvdisc (they have a 50% chance to be holding a Heart Scale)

Or, if you don't want any of that trouble again, just re-breed an Infernape and be careful not to press "Don't learn Close Combat" again.

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You shouldn't waste your money using balls on Luvdisc. Luvdisc suck and are good for nothing. Just use Thief instead!
But of course, their value is the same as any regular Pokemon. There is always a way to use Luvdisc in a strategic way.