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This week, my friend traded me a Zamazenta, so I started camp to see it. I tried to get it to play with the poke toy but it did "..." then it got salty at me. Is this normal or a bug that started? he didn't IV train Aegis or get pokerus so there's nothing I see wrong with it. he just got the best friends ribbon for it but not even put it on yet.

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Because he's sad his owner abandoned him to a stranger and now you're making him play with a toy when he's a legendary pokemon and you also want to put a ribbon on him and make him sick.

Seriously though idk. Why do you want him to play with the toy? I've never done pokemon camp.
thats funny but i just befriend all pokemon so I did camp and I check if nature issues are a thing
If you play with a Pokemon enough at once, they'll eventually get to a point where they won't play anymore unless you make curry. Maybe that's what's happening?
like he fed it curry before hand so that wouldn't happen but if that was the case it would show a music note not the pokemon being angry

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Well, you probably played with the Pokemon too much. Once its playfulness reaches its lowest, you have to feed it curry to increase playfulness. In your case, I don't think it would count if the person you got the Zamazenta from fed it curry, as well as the fact that you just got it from the friend so it would make sense for it to not have any playfulness towards you.
Certain Pokemon like Xerneas will not play with the Poke Toy no matter what. (I put certain Pokemon because I think Black/White Kyurem fall into this category but I'm not sure.)

ok we traded the pokemon back and reset their friendship and now okami, the zacian I sent him is now doing it but now they play with ball, but it my be something wrong with other things because the rest of my pokemon have max friendship and play with the toy, and from my searching zamazenta should be able to play with it. and never mind I just turned camp on and now aegis and okami will play so i think it was the friendship (or playfulness) causing the problem so now we all know. (okami was giving back and my friend said it worked so the glitch must be gone)
This is almost certainly not a "glitch".