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I was thinking back to the time I shiny hunted Aron in Granite Cave in ORAS and wondered if you could do that with any other types. I want to Horde encounter hunt if possible, so manipulating the encounter rate like I did for Aron is ideal for some, especially considering some are super low like 5%. It also applies to XY even though I don't have it, so everyone can find the answer all in one place.

I wanted specifically which ones affected encounter rate. Not every single ability that affected catching them. It also doesn't specify how it benefits them. This is much better. Also, this caters to abilities that only increase, not decrease, the encounter rate.
This one has all of the information, as well as what they do. I don't see why you can't just either skim through the list manually for each ability that affects encounter rate or just ctrl+f for "encounter".
Because it should be valid that someone besides just us wants to look for filtered results. If you decide to close my question based on the second link I'll accept that, that's better than the first one, but it is my opinion that this is unique enough and should be left up...
Clearing flags because I think this is different enough to be kept up.

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Magnet Pull

Static & Lightning Rod
Attracts electric types.

Harvest (Gen 8 only at the moment, likely that it will be carried over to future gens)
Attracts Grass types.

Flash Fire (Gen 8 only at the moment, likely that it will be carried over)
Attracts Fire types.

Storm Drain (Gen 8 Only at the moment, will likely carry on to later games)
Attracts water types.

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Damn. Well, at least I can go check out some Electric hordes, maybe get myself a shiny Electrike.
Good luck! Electrike has a nice shiny. It is a shame that only two abilities did this in the generations of the Pokeradar and Hordes, it would be pretty nice for shiny hunting if there was more...