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What Pokemon would be extremely good against most of his Pokemon? And just in case if you didn't know just adding if they are game exclusive I have both games so I can do it.

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I'm pretty sure the best ones are Inteleon and Excadrill.
What starter did you choose?
Why is this tagged Magikarp?
I've never been a fan ever since I had one on a sword nuzlocke and it didnt go well. i ended up losing the nuzlock thanks to double battle with exadrill, but you can add one if you like

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Depends on which starter, if you choose Cinderace, I would recommend, Cinderace, Lucario, Quagsire, Raichu, Corviknight, and a Pokémon of your choice. If you choose Inteleon, It could be, Inteleon, Gyrados, Plant type of your choice, Centiskorch, Machoke/champ, and a good coverage Pokémon. If you choose Rillaboom, it would be Rillaboom, Corviknight, Quagsire, A fire type of your choice, Boltund, and a coverage Pokémon. But as always, I wouldn't recommend my advice. And sorry if I misspelled any Pokémon, Grammarly was bothering me.

Why are Corviknight, Quagsire, and Lucario better than Excadrill?